Ship it. Get it out the door. They’re waiting on your message

True authority – whether in public policy, business, Christian leadership, or wherever – benefits others.  Real authority serves.  It lifts.  It frees.

A good author uses authority in a good way.  She originates something.  He creates something.  An author moves in authority for the service and benefit of others.

There are messages that want to be heard.  The message releases the opportunity to move the dial, to change something for the better.  This is where the communicator, the author, finds passion … energy … joy.

Christian leaders communicate fresh Kingdom themes that advance the Creator’s purposes.  Business leaders communicate vision, addressing needs and multiplying value through their services and products.  Good public policy leaders envision a preferred future for their communities and region as well as the nation.  And then they effectively publish that vision to their constituencies.

Publishing the message of your life and work will accelerate the speed of trust.  It will multiply who you are and what you do.  Referrals and healthy connections will show up.  Credibility and integrity will be further established.

Do you sense resistance?  Act in the face of it.  Ship it.  Get it out the door.  They are waiting on your message …

Brian Del Turco blogs weekly on writing and the new publishing revolution at TrueNorth Publishing Services

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